Calendar of Events 2020

March 7Colman Glynn 6th Dan + Despina Kyriacou 5th Dan Greenwichinfo
March 18Don Morgan Shihan 7th DanSwansea University7 - 8.30pm
March 28Local course -Despina Kyriakou 5th DanWhitechapelinfo
April 4/5National Course - with Ian McClarence 7th Dan + Don Morgan 7th DanOxfordinfo
May 2/3Spring CourseChepstowinfo
May 9Colman Glynn 6th DanGreenwich
May 31Special Memorial course for Steve RoeMalverninfo
June 13JAC CourseChesterinfo
July 18Colman Glynn 6th DanGreenwich
Aug 15-21Summer SchoolChesterinfo
Sept 26>Colman Glynn 6th DanGreenwich
Nov 21Colman Glynn 6th DanGreenwich