Women in Aikido

Women in Aikido

Some news from the IAF…


IAF is launching its #AikidoWomen campaign to coincide with International Women’s Day month in March.


To this occasion we seek your contributions!

  1. First phase till 28 Feb: Contributions in the form of photos and articles, or short viewsPlease tell us:
    • What are Aikido women’s experience like in your dojo?
    • How can we encourage more women to practice Aikido?
    • How can we help sustain and prevent women in Aikido from giving up too early?
    • Other questions, views?
    • The best submissions will be collated by Vanessa. She’ll write an article about it to be published in March.
      You can email her directly (in copy of that mail here) or to me. 

2. Second phase starting 1 March-15 March

    Please share on Facebook and tweet photos of women in Aikido. Please use the following 3 hashtags simultaneously:

#Aikido (to share the experience with Aikido practitioners around the world)

#AikidoWomen (hashtag of the campaign)
#IWD2017 (to link to International Women’s Day)

Kind regards,


Henriette FLADER

Assistant General Secretary
IAF – International Aikido Federation



Oxford Aikikai


Richard Martin


Oxford University Sports Centre
Jackdaw Lane, Iffley Road,Oxford, OX4 1EQ, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

51° 44′ 42.8172″ N, 1° 14′ 39.5484″ W

Phone:       01865 282126
Monday         18:30 – 20:00
Tuesday         19:30 – 21:00
Thursday       18:30 – 20:00
Friday             14:30 – 16:00
Saturday        10:00 – 11:30

2018 – 50yrs old!!

On behalf of Kanetsuka Sensei and the BAF Committee we wish all the members of the BAF and supporting friends a Happy and Harmonious 2018.
This will be a special year for us as it is the 50th anniversary of the British Aikido Federation.
As such we should make each of our main courses, Spring and Summer School a celebration of those 50 years with the visit of Dojo Cho in October to share with us in celebrating this achievement and to set out on the path for the next 50 years!

We look forward to practicing with you and your support during this special year!

Peter Gillard
BAF Chair

Joint Aikikai Council

Some news regarding the Joint Aikikai Council

Dave Yates is now Chairman of the JAC and Allan Hagan is Treasurer.

The Joint Aikikai Council is an umbrella group of major UK Aikido organisations – specifically

British Aikido Federation
UK Aikikai
British Birankai
Komokan Aikido Association
Scottish Aikido Federation
Dynamic Aikido Nocquet

These are the majority of UK Aikido groups officially supported by the International department  of the Hombu Dojo. For more information on the JAC, its origin and role you can check the link jointaikikaicouncil.co.uk

2018 Summer School Gradings

Results of this years gradings 
Ivan BiriukovLondon - Greenwich
Mitchell TullochLondon - Greenwich
Steve CostelloLondon - Ryushinkan
John AlarconManchester - Wagokan
Lorraine GomezMachester - Wagokan
James HayesLondon - Whitechael
Neil McCluskeyNewcastle - Seishinkan
Karolina PackoChester - Ryusuikan
Phil RedfernManchester - Wagokan
Umar SaleemManchester - Wagokan
Charlotte GambleCardiff - Shobukan
Marcin FilipManchester - Wagokan
Tamas HegyesLondon - Greenwich
Darren TelfordKillingworth - Yukokan
Angela TelfordKillingworth - Yukokan
Tom Oldfield
Mark AshworthChester - Ryusuikan
Gudrun RieckN.Wales - Menai
Simon FraserSevenoaks - Ryushinkan
Steve GendlerChester - Ryusuikan
Ron WattsCardiff - Shobukan
Mark Olney
Don MorganPort Talbot
Ian McClarenceNewcastle - Seishinkan

Introducing the new BAF ViceChairman – Russell Milton

Get It Together…
Thinking back to when I started practicing Aikido in Cardiff in 1990 it is a bit of a surprise to now find myself as the new ViceChairman! This is an honour and also a responsibility. I must confess I got the bug for Aikido straight away and have never looked back! First I got myself a few books and even got hold of a few VHS Tapes to watch, my how things have changed today! People now can access all types of information so easily and can have too many ideas before they even set foot in the Dojo for the first time.
I think part of the role of the BAF is to present a reliable standard of traditional Aikido, to filter through all the information and get to the heart of what Aikido practice should be. We want to offer a clear route for beginners to get started and a path for students to make steady progress. 
The people in the BAF are definitely our best resource. In our senior instructors there is such a wealth of accumulated knowledge and skill of our Art that extends to the early days of Aikido in the UK and further, to its roots in Japan. Aiming to bring our organisation up to date we now have Member Representatives to support the National Committee and help ensure that the lines of communication are always open.
In my own life, being a part of the BAF has truly been a benefit. It is a wonderful way to make friends locally, around the country and indeed around the world, because of our common pursuit. The culture in the BAF  has always been about pushing oneself, learning and understanding Aikido and because of that it has certainly given me a focus and helped in many aspects of my daily life. The concepts of avoiding conflict we develop in the Dojo can be applied in all areas of our lives, meaning both emotional and how we deal with people.
The BAF is celebrating its 50th birthday this year and the next fifty can be stronger if we work together and support each other as a community, locally, nationally and internationally. Being part of the worldwide Aikido Community comes with a lot of benefits but also responsibility. We must all do our bit to sustain our Art even if it means going that bit further. I will certainly be trying my best to keep the BAF strong, with your help. Thank you for your support at the AGM, I will not let you down.
Russell Milton – Vice Chairman Of The BAF
P.S. I still have the VHS tapes, which I keep on a shelf at home with all the other books, dvd’s, posters and lots of other Aikido related stuff that I have kept over the years.

BAF Member Representatives

Following discussions by the National Committee and at the Annual General Meeting in Chester, the BAF committee now includes 2 Member Representatives. Voted by the membership at the AGM, Karolina Packo and Tom Curry are now members of the National Committee with the specific roles of making the NC more accessible to all BAF members. They are aiming to provide an easy and confidential route to get ideas and views to the NC and also to feed information from the NC to the membership. In a changing world with ever more distractions the BAF needs to adapt to new technologies and ideas and the NC and its members should be responsive. Karolina and Tom will be making this happen! …with your help of course.

Introducing your new MemberReps – who can be contacted directly via MemberReps@bafonline.org.uk


Karolina Packo

My Aikido journey started in Gdansk, Poland in 1999. I know many agree that Aikido is very addictive and I got hooked very quickly. Obviously then, on moving to UK the first thing I did was to find a dojo!

Fast forward to 2018 and Aikido is of course a big part of my life. To many of us Aikido is much more than a martial art; it’s a way of life. Being a member of the BAF has not only given me the opportunity to train with some of the best instructors but also make some wonderful, life long friendships. I would love for more people to discover Aikido and start their own exciting journeys.
I hope that as a Members Representative on the National Committee of the BAF I will be able to do just that; create opportunities for others to find out about Aikido (and try it!), help the BAF to grow but also encourage BAF members to get involved in making the BAF bigger and better. So if you have any concerns or ideas get in touch. We would love to hear from you. More than that, we need to hear from you!  We make the BAF so let us all get involved!
Member Representative of the BAF
Tom Curry
From an early start doing Taekwondo at the age of 7yrs my Martial Art career in Aikido began while working at the University. Joining the Bristol University Aikido Club was a new experience and has given me many opportunities to study under talented instructors, most notably with Kanetsuka Sensei. My present focus is in developing fitness and flexibility to better enable practice, with about 7 hours of classes a week and additional fitness training every day. Having started when I was 7 my plan is to carry on until I’m 77 – at the very least! Aikido is so complex it presents endless challenges but enabling others to train and improve is something I find particularly rewarding.
Outside of the Dojo I feel the recent changes to the BAF committee structure to introduce Members Representatives is a great opportunity. I hope I can be an effective representative for all BAF members and ensure that there is no mystery about what happens on the National Committee. The BAF exists for its members, and cannot exist without them. It’s important everyone is represented fairly. 
Thanks again for the support given to me and I look forward to helping everyone.
Member Representative of the BAF

Dojo-cho course – review

On Friday the 19th October at 6.45pm, despite a bit of jet-lag, Dojo-cho walked onto the mat at Leigh Sports Village near Manchester and opened the BAF 50th Anniversary course. After so many months anticipation and much preparation by members of the Manchester Dojo, the course was under way. With many friends of the BAF travelling from Europe, along with those from other UK Aikido groups, the mat in the sports hall, full to capacity, came alive.

Dojo-cho, Mitsuteru Ueshiba, had not travelled alone but was accompanied by a youthful and energetic group which included his talented uke, Akira Matsumura, a group of students from Universities across Japan, Kazufumi Soma from the Hombu office and of course Ikuko Ishii, our dearest friend and regular visitor at BAF Summer School! Setting the style of the weekend with his trademark crisp clean techniques, Dojo-cho focussed on a few basic techniques, emphasising posture and good control. Almost as soon it had begun, the 1 hour opener session was ended. This allowed Dojo-cho a little time to change before the evenings formal dinner with representatives from the Joint Aikikai Council(JAC) member organisations. Along with BAF committee members and course organisers, senior members of UKA, British Birankai, Komyokan, DAN and the Scottish Aikido Federation were present. A great start to this BAF 50th Anniversary weekend. Following the meal good humoured speeches were given by our Chairman, Peter Gillard, JAC Chairman David Yates and Dojo-cho. Peter Gillard recalled the origins of Aikido in the UK and how far we had come whilst David Yates commended the creation of the JAC. Dojo-cho noted that the BAF was older than himself which caused all to smile and wonder at the passing years. Ending with a request for us to look to the future and seek younger students, we could only agree and so toast everyones health, the future of Aikido and the next 50yrs of the BAF!

Through Saturday and Sunday training continued, a 2 hour session in the morning and again in the afternoon. The large group from Japan gave a truly international feel to the crowded event and brought an energy and enthusiasm to the mat that was infectious. Dojo-cho spent some time emphasising certain aspects of techniques and practice and Jean Paisley was most helpful in translating for non-Japanese speakers. Ending the weekend on Sunday afternoon with the Embukai, our sister organisations in the JAC each gave a short demonstration, followed by Ian McClarence Shihan, and finishing with a 6 minute energetic flourish by Dojo-cho and 3 tireless ukes. A truly entertaining performance which produced a long and well deserved burst of applause from all present, so bringing the proceedings to a close.

A most notable social event took place on the Saturday evening in the form of a buffet for over 100 course attendees, giving a chance for Aikido students of all ages and from all organisations to mix and chat. The visiting Japanese students were very active throughout the evening, mixing well and practicing their English. In the true spirit of Aikido new friendships were forged and old friendships renewed.

It was delightful that the visiting party was so large to make a real impact on proceedings. That they all travelled such a distance for such a short visit to support the BAF in its 50th year was humbling. Special thanks to the young students for supporting this event, Hayato Arima, Mizuki Otake, Hiroaki Sato, Anna Suzuki, Ryo Tanaka, Soh Yanagihara and Taiga Yoshino.

The much anticipated weekend finished, now we carry the memories and give special thanks to the Hombu and Dojo-cho for taking this BAF 50th anniversary course. The only cloud over the weekend was the absence of Kanetsuka Shihan and Matthew Holland Shihan because of illness and we wish them both steady recoveries.

New Year Message from our Chairman

To all Members as we begin a New Year,
Firstly on behalf of the committee, our thanks to you all for your support during the last year.
As another year comes to an end we look back at the highs and lows of 2018. Unfortunately the low point of the year came on hearing the news that Kanetsuka Sensei  had been taken ill. During the year he was unable to attend the Spring Course and to our great disappointment was also not able to attend Summer School, and indeed following that Sensei could not make Dojo Cho’s visit to Manchester. Also, the courses at Oxford, Bristol and Cardiff which Sensei has taken over many,many years, he was sadly missed.
We send our Best Wishes to Kanetsuka Sensei and look forward to his full recovery in the New Year and his return to the Dojo to share his Aikido once more with us all.
The visit of Dojo Cho to the UK to help celebrate the BAF’s 50th anniversary was a great success all round. Many thanks to the support of Dojo Cho over the weekend, and for the efforts of Sue and Dave Yates which made the event a great success. It was also special that Dojo Cho brought with him a group of young Japanese students to take part and share the practice, this I’m sure with an eye to the future. I hope we can strengthen the connection between the British Aikido Federation and the Hombu Dojo.
    As Dojo Cho said in his speech, he looks forward to returning for our 60th and we certainly do!
Now we must look forward to 2019 and what that will bring…
As I have said before, firstly we hope for Kanetsuka Sensei’s return to health, also to Holland Sensei’s full recovery and we look forward to his support as always during the year.
We also look forward to Kanazawa Sensei returning to Chester this year and we will give our full support for Summer School.
A New Year means a new beginning, to look at our own practice, Kyu grade or Dan grade, student or instructor, is our individual practice developing, is our Dojo developing? Both these things are important to build for the future of Aikido. In todays world were will that future take us? For a strong future we must build on a strong past. As each year passes we move further away from the Founder’s time but we must not move further away from O’Sensei’s Aikido principles, and we must ask ourselves what will we pass on.
So lets look forward to the next 50 years of the British Aikido Federation, developing through each and everyone of it’s members, it’s practice, and understanding of Aikido
A Happy New Year to Everyone
Peter Gillard
BAF Chair
Rhaid i chi fod yn ddewr i fod yn greadigol

Minoru Kanetsuka Shihan

It is with deep sadness I find myself writing this about our Sensei.
Although Sensei has been unwell for some time it came as a shock when Mami San informed us of his passing on Friday.
To many of the seniors in the BAF, Sensei’s passing is more than a loss of their instructor, it is the loss of someone with whom they have walked a long road together. From the times when they shared the practice with him in classes with Chiba Sensei, through the hard times of his cancer, after which his thoughts and practice developed and would continue to develop for the rest of his time.
As Sensei developed, so we would try to climb that mountain with him, but he would have to come back again and again to show us were we where going wrong. But this he did and he made that part of his practice.
Kanetsuka Sensei has lived a very full life.
In university he trained with Shioda Sensei and was a Nidan in Yoshinkan Aikido. During those time he also met Fujita  Sensei who would become an  important part of his and the BAF in the future! Life took Kanetsuka Sensei to many places. To Katmandu where he not only opened a restaurant, he also became friends with the Royal Family! He worked in many jobs in India. In fact, sitting with Sensei and listening to his stories made you wonder how he managed to fit so much into his life.
After Chiba Sensei’s departure from the UK, Sensei became BAF Technical Director and from then he also spent time travelling to Greece, the Netherlands and South Africa and in all these countries he held a similar position. He visited many countries during those years and importantly built special relationships with Russia and Poland which have lasted through to today.
 Kanetsuka Sensei gave his life to Aikido and he will be missed, leaving an empty space not only in the BAF but in the hearts of many.
An important part of history has passed in losing Kanetsuka Sensei and it is for us to carry on with Aikido as Sensei would wish!
I know you will all join me in sending our condolences to Mami, Masaki, Miyuki and to the whole Kanetsuka family!
Peter Gillard Shihan – 10th March

Spring Course – a time for reflection

Dear all

The Spring Course in Chepstow has come and gone. For many of us it was a special one; the first one without Kanetsuka Sensei who sadly passed away last month. His absence was felt by many. This was especially so for our Chairman, Peter Gillard Sensei who received his Shihan certificate, recommended by Kanetsuka Shihan last year. A time for reflection on so many years and shared experiences.

The course was very well attended and it was especially lovely to see so many kyu grades. This year’s instruction was lead by our Shihans, Don Morgan and Ian McClarence, with support from David Yates and Gudrun Rieck who had us working on posture and movement.

It goes without saying that courses like this play an important role in our Aikido development. There is no substitute for training under senior instructors with their enormous experience. Every exercise and technique becomes an invaluable lesson with important insights. The course was quite exhausting but great fun and of course an opportunity to catch up with old friends and/or make new ones.

Thank you all for attending the course. We hope that you enjoyed it and went home inspired. Keep your eye on the Course Calendar for upcoming opportunities to train, and please put June 15/16 in your diary – this is the next National Course in Oxford.

See you soon!

Karolina Packo  (Member Representative)

Course Hilight

Manchester dojo hosted a two day course with Ian McClarence shihan over the weekend of 6/7 July 2019.  The course was split so members of 3rd kyu and above attended on Saturday and Sunday was an open class.  Unfortunately we have no photograph from Saturday, which was extremely well attended with BAF members from all over the North West, South Wales, London area and the North East attending, together with a single Lancashire Aikikai member; 38 in total attended.

McClarence shihan concentrated on basic posture, contact and kokyo-ho on Saturday.

On Sunday there were 22 BAF members attending the course (including 2 people who attended the dojo for the very first time; a bit of a pleasant surprise for them!!) and McClarence shihan worked on taisabaki, posture and basic waza.  The photograph is of the attendees on Sunday.

Overall, a very well attended and informative weekend and all thanks must go to the BAF members who attended for their efforts and of course, McClarence shihan for taking the time to deliver the seminar.

SummerSchool approaching!

Four weeks to go until the BAF Summer School!

Takeshi Kanazawa Shihan 7th Dan Will Be Representing Doshu And Hombu Dojo alongside BAF senior instructors. As always we will be joined by international Aikidoka and of course our BAF members from all around the UK. Summer School is a great opportunity to improve your Aikido and to meet up and share views about the art.​
We look forward to seeing you all soon.

2019 Summer School gradings

2019 Summer School Grading 
6th Kyu
Shuxiang CAOOxford
4th Kyu
Vanilla SHIBristol University
3rd Kyu
Diana GIURAAshby Folville
2nd Kyu
Chris MITCHELLKillingworth
Phil NORWELLAshby Folville
Paul NORWELLAshby Folville
David SANDERSONKillingworth
1st Kyu
Denham PHIPPSWagokan (Manchester)
Simon BENNETTGreenwich
Eloi PEREZWagokan (Manchester)
1st Dan
Drew DEAVESShobukan (Cardiff)
John ALARCONWagokan (Manchester)
Keith HARRISGenbukan (Macclesfield)
James HAYESWhitechapel
Mitch TULLOCHGreenwich
Lorraine GOMEZWagokan (Manchester)
2nd Dan
Peris CALEPort Talbot
Paul ADKINSMalvern
Nigel KAYWagokan (Manchester)
Vinicius EGERLANDGreenwich
Gilberto ALMEIDAGreenwich
3rd Dan
Martin HUGHESRyusuikan (Chester)
Brian COURTShobukan (Cardiff)
Maria BALAEVAWagokan (Manchester)
Adrian JENKINSShobukan (Cardiff)
Frank TRANRyushinkan (Deventer)
John STEPHENSGenbukan (Macclesfield) (KB 2020)
4th Dan
Caroline SMITHWagokan (Manchester)
Nick BELSHAWOxford (KB 2020)
5th Dan
Andy KINGMenai (KB 2020)
Andy MARGINSONRyusuikan (Chester) / Budokan (Colwyn Bay) (KB 2020)
6th Dan
Alex MEGANNShiseikan (Southampton) (KB 2020)
Allan HAGANShobukan (Cardiff) (KB 2020)
7th Dan
Ian McCLARENCESeishinkan (Newcastle) (KB 2020)
Don MORGANPort Talbot (KB 2020)
KB 2020 - signifies recommended promotion yet to be confirmed by Hombu. if successful these promotions will be announced in the 2020 KagamiBiraki

Kanetsuka Family message

Following the sad events earlier in the year when the Kanetsuka Family and the BAF lost Kanetsuka Sensei, members of the BAF may wish to read the letter from the family.

Dear BAF Senior Committee,

We hope this email finds you well, despite the weather we have been experiencing recently.

This is an open letter from the Kanetsuka family and may be reproduced and distributed within the BAF as you deem appropriate.

Now that some time has passed since the funeral, we, the family, wished to express our sincerest thanks for the BAF’s support through such a difficult and emotional chapter.
As is always the case with such events, there is never one correct or ‘good’ way to handle all of the various arrangements, invitations and communication that is required. However, we are acutely aware that it would not have been possible without the unwavering support of the BAF, with special thanks, of course, to the Senior Committee members. We feel that we were able to pay our respects to the wonderful father, husband and sensei that he has been to us all, to the best of our ability under such circumstances.

Further to this, the family are indebted to the BAF for the all of the kindness, help and support, both inside and outside of the dojo, across the many years and decades gone. This year’s Summer School will surely have a different air to it, and it is our hope that whilst this will be a year of remembrance and reflection, it will also be a year that marks the continuation and the future development of the Federation across the many years and decades to come.
Far from being a ‘brief candle’, we, the family, look forward to taking on this splendid torch and keeping it burning as brightly as he did for future generations – as we hope you all will too!

While it is not her intention to be actively involved in the BAF, Mami will of course make herself available if there is any need at all.

With our deepest and most heartfelt regards to each and every member of the British Aikido Federation,

The Kanetsuka family

Our Chairman’s response…

Dear Toby,

On behalf of the committee and the members of the BAF,
thank you for your email.
It was a privilege to work alongside you and all of Sensei’s family during that sad time and share all our feelings of loss.
In many ways I believe we are all part of Sensei’s family, I hope you don’t mind me saying.

As you mentioned this year’s Summer School will approached with mixed feelings. The joy of coming together to practise and the feeling of a large imported part missing. That of our long time instructor, guide and friend our
Kanetsuka Sensei.

Mami tells me she is find it hard at moment it will take some time I’m sure but our thoughts are with her and we hope when she is ready she will return to practice.

It is up to us now to face the reality of his passing and to pay back all we owe him by taking the BAF and our practice forward in to the future with his legacy and to try our best to live up to his hopes that one day we may understand what he had worked hard to share with us.

It was very special to met all Sensei’s family it was a pity at such a sad time but I hope you know you welcome to keep in touch with the BAF as we go forward knowing your father will always be with us in spirit

Deepest Regards
Peter Gillard
Chairman BAF

New Club in Preseli

Opening in the new year Preseli Aikido.

The Dojo head is Alice Courvoisier, 1st Dan Aikikai and Level 2 Aikido coach for the British Aikido Federation.

Alice started her Aikido journey in 2002 and has been training under the direction of Sensei Ken Marsden, 6th Dan, Shihan, whilst living in Yorkshire until June 2019 (www.yorkshire-aikikai.com). She regularly attends the British Aikido Federation Summer School in August and other national courses.

Full details can be found at Preseli Aikido

Seasons Greetings from the IAF

Dear IAF member friends,
As we look back upon the past year, we would like to acknowledge those who have
helped us shape our initiatives. Thanks for a great year, and we wish you all the best as
we embark on 2020.
The global environment surrounding Aikido keeps changing and bringing new
challenges and opportunities. The IAF has taken the task to work closer, more than
ever, with Aikikai Hombu Dojo under the leadership of Doshu and Dojocho. We have
also received numerous suggestions and collaboration to our initiatives from our
members and this has allowed us to have a fruitful year as you have seen from our 6
month reports.
The team representing you all is small and budget is limited but we have tried to
dedicate our time and efforts in anticipation of the coming challenges and prepare to
take on actions that matters and that will be of great importance to Aikikai in general.
While we have not been able to focus equally to all the regions of the world, we have
embarked to try and expand our scope of geographic coverage as well as on topics as
you will see in the International Aikido Summit of 2020.
IAF is a member based organization for friendship but as Aikikai continues to recognize
newer organizations around the world, it becomes crucial for us, not only to provide the

platform for friendship and activities but to extend some coverage to those who are
Aikikai recognized entities that are outside of the current IAF structure. As Doshu
directed “all those Aikikai recognized entities that wish to join IAF, should be able to join
IAF, if they so desire” is a mission for IAF. This directive matches the requirements of
the international organizations such as GAISF that expect that our IAF members
represent the largest share of Aikido practitioners in each country.
IAF, under the directions of Aikikai, will strive to promote a stronger Aikikai identity
through the web and through some events and activities. Your assistance, contributions
and suggestions will always be welcome.
During the holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our
success possible. It is in this spirit that we say thank you and best wishes for the
holidays and New Year.
Best regards,
Kei Izawa
International Aikido Federation

New Year wishes from the Chairman

To all members and friends,
This once again is the time we look forward to the New Year, and indeed a new decade. But it is also a time for reflection on the passed year. It was possibly the worst year for the BAF since our founding. The passing of Kanetsuka Shihan was a great loss to his natural family and to his Aikido family and leaves a huge hole in the hearts of both families. We in the BAF will honour Sensei’s legacy by continuing to study hard to understand the principles of Sensei’s practice which he had worked hard to share with us over the years he was with us. We hope one day we may grasp a part of Sensei’s teaching and know he would have been happy with our progress… in that way at least, we can repay Sensei for his teaching.

Now we look forward to the New Year and indeed a New Era for the BAF and us all. For the first time since our foundation we are without a Japanese Shihan at our head. We are moving into new territory which will be a learning period for us all. So I ask everyone to be patient as we work to develop the situation we find ourselves in, for all our members. Most important is that we continue to work on our practice, to develop our BAF instructors, to strengthen the BAF membership working with you the members, and to continue our connection with the Hombu and it’s visiting Shihan.
This is not only for the New Year but the New Decade

Many thanks for your support to each and every member.
A Happy New Year and I hope in Harmony to all.

Peter Gillard
BAF Chairman