Christmas Message

Dear friends,

No matter whether Shihan, senior instructor, club instructor or club member. This time has been no different for anyone of us. And no matter where we come from in the UK. Small and big Dojos
We have been and still are either restricted or unable to practice at this time. But like everyone else we look with hope and welcome the vaccinations coming on the scene, that we will in the not too distant future be back in our Dojo’s and slowly return to practice.

In the meantime we are looking at the possibility of courses and Summer School for 2021. We feel in reality, sadly, we will not be able to hold a Spring Course since it would probably be a little too early along the road. We are looking to the possibility of holding a “welcome back course” as soon as circumstances change and allow us to!
With Kanazawa Shihan, as posted on the BAF Summer School website.

In the meantime it would good to let us know how the virus has affected your Dojo and members. Were you able to train outside? Have you been able to get into your Dojo for exercise? And how has weapon training been going? What about individual training, or “zoom”?
Please let us know, and any other thoughts you may have!
…and of course, any questions you may have?

Have a Good Christmas and keep safe!

Peter Gillard
BAF Chair

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