Updated: Message from the Chairman

To all British Aikido Federation Members..

Dear Friends

I hope you and your families have kept safe during these times.

When the first ” lock down” finished we had hoped by this time we would be moving towards getting back to our Dojos and returning to practice , even wondering if it would able to run a weekend course.

I know some of us were able to start practicing with weapons outside and a short time ago were able to move inside following the “Covid regulations “.
I know some were not able to get back for different reasons but hoping to get back soon !

Unfortunately we are now back under new regulations, albeit different in each of the four countries.

Lets hope we can return to the Dojo as soon as possible .

In the mean time following the Doshu’s message we should look forward with positive minds to coming together once again and sharing our practice.

I’m sure of one thing, we will appreciate the practice of Aikido and our fellow members more than ever, making up for lost time and building for the future when we return.

O’Sensei’s Aikido was not only for the Dojo but for everyday living with its principles and solo exercises, as also with the practices Kanetsuka Sensei shared with us can be practiced anywhere.

We are being promised a light at the end of the tunnel so lets move positively back into the Dojo when we can and develop our practice within what ever regulations to keep safe.

Take care everyone

Peter Gillard

BAF Chair

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