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[E Mail to all BAF Members] Summer School booking - please do not delay

nickbelshaw has sent you a group email from The British Aikido Federation.

To all - and please pass this request to students

Please send in your booking forms to Summer School with your room

Remember the bill must be paid by July.
Also, unallocated rooms are likely to be recalled by the University and
therefore not
be available later.

Please make an effort!

Nick Belshaw
General Secretary
British Aikido Federation

Peter Megann

[E Mail to all BAF Members] Instructors Course with Ian McClarence 9th and 10th May

simonfraser has sent you a group email from The British Aikido Federation.

Dear members,

Instructors Course with Ian McClarence 9th and 10th May.

Please be aware of an Instructors Course being hosted by Manchester Aikido
Club,Wa Go Kan Dojo.

The course will be held over two day's on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th
May 2015 with instruction by Ian McClarence sensei 6th dan so-Hombu
British Aikido Federation Chief Instructor for England.

Day one, Saturday 9 May 2015 will be an instructors course for BAF/JAC
members graded 3rd kyu and above.

[E Mail to all BAF Members] BAF email - request for ideas

nickbelshaw has sent you a group email from The British Aikido Federation.

Hello BAF Members

With a wish for the BAF to become stronger, which means getting more people
through the doors and retaining them.
I would love to hear any ideas people have. Things you might have tried
that worked and also things that did not work.

Any ideas for improvement of any sort.

The next NCM is in a couple of weeks and this will be an important item on
the agenda.
I hope some of you can spare the time to reply - in a constructive manner!

Nick Belshaw

Rob Yates

Robert started Aikido in 1973 under Chiba sensei as part of the Aikikai of Great Britain and continued under Kanetsuka Sensei in the BAF.

Allan Hagan

Allan HagganAllan has been practising Aikido since 1978. He has trained under Kanetsuka Shihan all that time as well as with many well known instructors from Aikikai Hombu Dojo. During one of his visits to Tokyo he was awarded the special winter training certificate for completing kangeiko (寒稽古). He has trained all over the world and usually takes his kekogi with him when travelling.

Important Notice

Important Notice: B.A.F Treasurer and Child Protection Officer

Andrew Peterson has informed us that due to a change in his personal circumstances he will have to step down from the positions of the BAF Treasurer and Child Protection Officer.
So along with the position of General Secretary this means that the posts of Treasurer and Child Protection Officer will also be come vacant !

Fujita Sensei has passed away


Fujita Sensei has passed away

Many B.A.F. members will have been greatly saddened on hearing that Fujita Sensei passed away on 28 March 2014 after a long illness. 

  After the departure in 1976  of Chiba Sensei, who founded the B.A.F. (previously the Aikikai of Great Britain  and was its Technical Director) the B.A.F. requested that Fujita Sensei should become the B.A.F.’s Technical Advisor.  Thereafter a close bond developed between Fujita Sensei and the B.A.F., and he came to our Summer Schools many times over the following years.


Sad news

Dear All BAF members,

Unfortunately, I received some sad news from Hombu dojo.  On 28 March 2014, Doshu's mother passed away.  The funeral was held on 4 April.

I'm sure you will join with me in sending condolences to Doshu, Waka sensei and their families.

Dave Yates

Irimi nage



 Demonstrated and explained by Kanetsuka Sensei



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