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Irimi nage



 Demonstrated and explained by Kanetsuka Sensei


The name of this technique means in Japanese          
‘Enter’ (iri) ‘body’ (mi) ‘throw’ (nage), and this
expresses the essential character of the technique.
Tori enters deeply to the rear of uke. But this
entering is not limited to the beginning of the
technique. It’s important to enter also at the end as
uke falls to the ground. By entering to the rear of
uke you find yourself in the safest possible
position. There are numerous forms of Irimi-nage;
and coping with a weapon like a sword calls for a
different beginning to the technique than with
other forms of attack. But whether with shomenuchi,
yokomen-uchi, kata-dori, katate-dori, etc.,the basic 

principles outlined in this text are the