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Waka-Sensei UKA 30yr Anniversary Course

Over the weekend, August 22-23 the UKA held a special course lead by Waka-sensei, Hombu Dojo Dojo-cho  Ueshiba Mitsuteru. This was to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

​Using the facilities at the Lilleshall Sports and Conference Center near Telford, the course was well supported by all the major UK Aikido Organisations in the JAC along with a good number of overseas visitors. The BAF was well represented with many members from across the UK, including the Chairman, Vice-Chairman. Sensei Morgan participated in the demonstration at the end of the course where all the JAC member organisations contributed. The final event of the demonstration was a performance by Waka-sensei himself where he displayed a very fine level of skill over a range of techniques, maintaining impressive form and power throughout.

Waka-sensei's instruction throughout the 2-day course was very clear and precise and his teaching style is very enjoyable, as he roams the mat continually engaging with students all the time maintaining a cheerful demeanour. In this way all attendees had plenty of chances to feel the power and effectiveness of his Aikido.

A very successful event additionally supported by the familiar presence of Kobayashi Sensei. We look forward to further visits from Waka-sensei in the future as he develops and refines his skill. I would urge all BAF members to take advantage of any chances that they might have to attend such events.

Nick Belshaw, 24 August 2015