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Venue Insurance details

Details below clarifying important aspects of insurance.


Venue Insurance

Most dojo venues are owned by third parties who have a duty to insure the premises and the liability risks attaching to that ownership (Property Owners Liability).

Property Owners Liability provides cover to the owner for loss, injury or damage suffered by visitors to the premises should they be deemed negligent as a result of that ownership, eg. if they don’t keep the premises maintained, or reported issues are not addressed/rectified etc. This cover does not provide indemnity to persons (dojo members, instructors, officers, volunteers) or organisations who rent the premises for their own purposes.

The combined liability cover Perkins Slade provide via JAC to the clubs (dojo’s) provides indemnity if an action is brought against the club by the owner of the property for damages to the premises as a result of their activities, or if a visitor suffers a loss, injury or damage as a result of their use of the premises - the club have a duty to ensure that any premises they use are a safe and suitable environment.


Membership Insurance

The participation risk is provided by the membership liability insurance for both member participants and instructors i.e. the personal insurance each member pays as part of them renewing or taking out annual BAF membership.  The issuing of this insurance is dependent on the person being a paid up member of a Joint Aikikai Council member organisation i.e. the BAF.  



Therefore, if annual cover for Venue Insurance is not taken, Instructors and Club Officials, may be personally liable as described above.  As a result, I would strongly urge that all BAF dojos should have Venue Insurance.  The amount you pay as an individual (instructor or student) for personal insurance is £2 per annum as part of BAF Membership, as opposed to the £55 we used to pay out as individual instructors.  The Venue Insurance further covers as many instructors as are qualified at the dojo and following a period of negotiation, the dojo insurance fee has been reduced from £55 last year to £45 for the year 2015/16.