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Senior instructors

Instructors of the British Aikido Federation

The Senior Instructors of the British Aikido Federation ( B.A.F) who are under the Direction of the Technical Director Minoru Kanetsuka Shihan are listed below.

Shihan: a Shihan is someone who has reached a high level of skill in an art or skill which does not rely for its effectiveness on academic learning. In aikido, it is used of anyone who has reached the prerequsite rank of  6th dan or above , the title is then normally awarded seperately by the Aikikai, two or three years after the promotion.

Shidoin: The term Shidoin comes from the Japanese Shi-do meaning 'Guidance'. Shidoin means teacher and in the Aikido context means Senior Instructor. In the B.A.F two or more shidoin together can grade up to 2nd Kyu. They cannot grade members of their own Dojo.

Fukushidoin: fuku means assistant. In the B.A.F a Fukushidoin together with a Shidoin can grade up to 4th Kyu.


Minoru Kanetsuka

Shihan 8th Dan (Aikikai Foundation) Technical Director of the BAF

   Don Morgan              Ian McClarence  

      6th Dan                                6th Dan   

Don MIan Mc

Shidoin and Grading Committee     

      Peter Gillard               Ken Marsden                Steve Parr

                6th Dan                            6th Dan                           6th Dan                         

 Peter G      Ken M   Steve P

        Dave Yates                    Brian Smith

            5th Dan                                 5th Dan

    Dave Y  Ken M


    Colman Glynn              Alex Megann               Byron Thomas

       6th Dan                                 5th Dan                                5th Dan

Don M  Alex Megann  Allen R


   Allan Hagan                    Bill Jackson                  Andy King                   Rob Yates

           5th Dan                                5th Dan                                4th Dan                               4th Dan
  Bill Jackson  Andy King  Rob Yates

  Mami Kanetsuka                    Despina Kyriakou

            4th Dan                                             4th Dan

Mami Kanetsuka  Despina Kyriakou