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Peter Megann

Peter Megann

PetermegannPeter was the longest serving General Secretary of the BAF and over the years saw the position of the Chair person come and go! 
But whoever took the position  could be confident that Peter was always there in support! 
And much more than that, Peter was always at Kanetsuka Sensei's right hand with a close relationship which became an important part of the BAF. I believe Peter was a sounding board for Sensei which resulted in the successful Newsletters which were read not only in the BAF but also outside bringing not only Sensei's practice but article's which covered all sides of Aikido! 
Peter gave his time, not only to the job of General Secretary, he also handled the membership and worked alongside the treasurer. For many years he was our contact with the Hombu.

For those coming into the BAF he was the most important contact and was always available at a desk at the Spring Course or Summer School keeping all our memberships up to date with simple words and a little advice!

But things were not always easy and straightforward over the years, though Peter saw those difficult times through, kept his position and helped steer the BAF to it's position today!

From a personal point of view, from the day I was handed the Chair, Peter was there besides me with advice from his experience.
For the years we worked together I was always grateful for his support and always will be!

Today all the work Peter took on is now split up in to at least four parts!

Although Peter was always to be found at the front at events he was happy when he could retreat to his Oxford home, or to his Greek hide away, his heaven on earth!

It is only fitting that the book with articles of Kanetsuka Sensei's Aikido from the Newsletter which Peter had put together and worked on over the years will be out soon.

We are sorry he will not see the final published book!

On behalf of Kanetsuka Sensei , the committee , and all the membership we offer our "Thanks to Peter" for his  dedicated and long service.

And our Deepest Condolences to Peter's family. 
May He Rest in Peace

Peter Gillard 
British Aikido Federation Chairman