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New Year Greetings

On behalf of the BAF committee  and Kanetsuka Shihan may I wish all the members new and old a Peaceful and Healthy 2016.
May I share with you a few thoughts for when we re-enter the Dojo for the first keiko at or after the New Year, we should approach with the mind of  "Shoshin" which means " the heart of the first time " the fresh approach of a beginner, a beginner's mind.
In such a way we would hope to lose bad habits.
We should make it a time to reflect upon ourselves and our Aikido, and make the New Year a year to move forward within the true principles of Aikido along the path of "Harmony"  leaving "Ego"  behind  !
In September, beginning on the 25th till the 3rd October the IAF will be holding it's 12th.Congress in Takasaki, Japan.
The BAF represents England and Wales Aikido at the Congress!
During the time the Congress is being held there are classes with Hombu Shihans and senior Shihans from all over the world including a classes with Dojo Cho and the Doshu.
Peter Gillard
BAF Chairman.