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Child Protection Officer

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B.A.F Child Protection Officer


Child Protection Update -  December 2016

Important notice regarding the recent child abuse within the football Industry.

Dear All,

In light of the issues with child abuse within the football industry it is felt that we should reacquaint ourselves with our Safeguarding responsibilities  as instructors and therefore community leaders.To assist in this, and by request, I have attached the JAC documents on Safeguarding (Mini-Statement) and the Child protection policy.

The UKA will hold a 1 hour lecture to summarize our responsibilities during our Winter School to which all UKA/JAC instructors will be welcome (Actual day and time TBA).

Other lectures can be held by the JAC member organisations locally and can be based upon the documents attached.

Please pass this email and info to other instructors.

Blessings and Best Regards

Guy Needler

 UKA & JAC General Secretary

Please also see

Attachments - All instructuctors please re familiarise your self with these documents 


CRB Update June 2014

Important notice regarding the portability of CRB/DBS between the British Aikido Board (B.A.B) and the Joint Aikido Council (J.A.C)

Dear All,

We have had a number questions regarding the portability of CRB/DBS between the B.A.B and the J.A.C. I have spoken to TMG reference the  portability between the BAB and JAC CRB or DBS certificates with the BAB specifically mentioned on them. ie the job / volunteer role described is a British Aikido Board (BAB) Aikido Instructor.

Their answer was that these CRB/DBS Certificates are still valid for their remaining term so long as the person is performing the same role in the same setting ie teaching Aikido in the same dojo.

 Based upon this can you please be aware that  any comments of non-portability from the BAB are wholly incorrect.

Dave Yates

British Aikido Federation

Vice Chairman

CRB Update October 2013


 Following our AGM at Summer School, I'd be grateful if you could double check your CRB expiry dates and let me know if you're now due a new DBS check.  I'll do the same at my end, and between us I'm sure we'll pick up any outstanding checks that need sorting.  The new CRB/DBS arrangements can be found at the following link: but always contact me in the first instance should you be unclear on any matter.

 Please remember - no check, or an out of date one, could impact on your dojo as well as the BAF, so if in doubt get in touch.


 Andrew Peterson


CRB Update April 2011

You may be aware that the government has been reviewing the ISA Vetting and Barring Scheme and CRB arrangements recently with a view to making it less onerous and more straightforward. We've been advised by the BAB that nothing changes for the time being, but the likelihood is that Aikido Clubs will continue to be regulated. However until this is confirmed either way we still need to keep our CRB checks up to date. If anyone requires a CRB check please contact the BAF CPO as soon as possible.

B.A.F Child Protection Officer

Renewal of CRB checks (29 March 2010)

Please note if your CRB check needs renewing to contact the BAFCPO via email to arrange to renew as soon as possible.
Club Welfare Officers are to be sent a BAB Child Protection pack shortly, if you are a CWO and don't receive a pack before
the end of April please let the BAFCPO know. Information on the new Independent Safeguarding Authority's check will be
forthcoming shortly - please watch this space for further details.
For Child Protection information and downloads click here

New BAF CPO in post (1 Oct 09)

The new BAF CPO can be contacted via email Please contact him should you require any support or guidance in relation
to Child Protection arrangements.

BAF CPO Standing Down (1 Mar 09)

The current BAF CPO is standing down in August 2009, after three years in the post. Further details are in the Bulletin for 1 Mar 09.

Summer School Update (12 Jul 08)

The BAB has recently engaged an External Independent Safeguarding Child Protection Officer.
The formal training which was planned for Summer School has therefore been put on hold.
A meeting is still planned at Summer School for people who instruct under-18s. This should take place just after the
regular instructor's meeting.