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Chiba Kazuo Shihan, Hachidan

Chiba Kazuo Shihan, Hachidan.

It was with sorrow we received the news of the passing of Chiba Sensei! on behalf of Kanetsuka Sensei and the British Aikido Federation we sent our Deepest Condolences. At this time there will many seniors in the BAF recalling their own memoirs of practice with Sensei while he was head of the BAF.

Chiba Sensei became an Uchideshi in 1958, He was sent to Great Britain in 1966, He formed the Aikikai of Great Britain which received Aikikai approval that same year.In 1970 he received his 6 Dan and brought in the Fuku Shidoin system. Chiba Sensei, moreover began to introduce the JO and Bokken as taught by Saito Sensei and that Sensei had learned during his times at Iwama. During his time he invited many of his contemporary instructors to the AGB.

Chiba Sensei returned to Japan in 1976 leaving Kanetsuka Sensei who became the new Technical Director and shortly after this the AGB became the British Aikido Federation.

After leaving Japan in 1981 Sensei relocated to San Diego were he continued to develop his Aikido eventually forming the Birankai which spread to many countries. With Chiba Sensei's passing another link to the Founder is cut, the future generations will miss these links so it is up to those seniors to try to keep the links alive in their practise.


Chiba Shihan 1940-2015 RIP



Peter Gillard