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B.A.F Forms

British Aikido Federation Forms for Download

Membership Forms

  • B.A.F New Membership application Form                              Word Version    PDF Version
  • Special Course Continuation Sheet                                       Word Version    PDF Version
  • Membership Continuation Sheet                                            Word Version     PDF Version

 Grading Forms

  • 6th Kyu Grading Application Form                                         Word Version      PDF Version
  • 5th Kyu Grading Application Form                                         Word Version      PDF Version
  • 4th Kyu Grading Application Form                                         Word Version      PDF Version
  • 3rd Kyu Grading Application Form                                         Word Version      PDF Version
  • 2nd Kyu Grading Application Form                                        Word Version      PDF Version
  • Application for Yudansha / Ikkyu Part 1                                 Word Version      PDF Version
  • Application for Yudansha / Ikkyu Part 2                                 Word Version      PDF Version
  • Application for Yudansha / Ikkyu Part 1 & 2 combined          Word Version     PDF Version
  • Notification of Grading Results Form                                     Word Version     PDF Version
  • Grading Advice -Important Elements of Gradings                 Word Version      PDF Version
  • Grading Syllabus 1                                                                Word Version      PDF Version
  • Grading Syllabus 2                                                                 Word Version     PDF Version


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