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2015 Chairman's New Year Message


It's that time of year when we look back at the old year and what it brought us and forward to the new year and what it will bring.

Of course a lot of both is up to us and what responsibility we take for that has past and what is to come.

Misogi! although it is practiced through out the year, it is at this time it takes an important position.

Traditionally preforming Tori-fune "Chinkon" rowing exercise is meant to wash away distinctions between outside and inside, mind and body!
At this time we can use Tori-fune as rowing out of the old and into the new, leaving behind the shore of 2014 to discover the shore of 2015!

We should approach the New Year like our practice with a clear mind leaving behind anything that holds us back, and opening our minds to the present and the future.

Through Aikido keiko we purse mutual connection and harmony, we should try to resolve to practice it in our daily life in the New Year!

I take this opportunity to thank students for your support of your instructors and dojos and instructors for your support of the BAF!

And wish you all a Happy New Year!


Peter Gillard