Minoru Kanetsuka

photo of Kanetsuka Sensei Born in Tokyo in 1939, Minoru Kanetsuka began studying Aikido in 1957 while he was a student at Takushoku University (Tokyo) under Fujita Sensei and Shioda Sensei. After graduating, he went to Nepal and during his eight year stay there gave instruction to the Nepalese royal family and the Nepalese police force.

In 1972 Kanetsuka Sensei came to Britain and became assistant instructor to Chiba Sensei (then the Technical Director of the Aikikai of Great Britain). After Chiba Sensei's departure from Britain in 1977, Kanetsuka Sensei became Technical Director of the renamed British Aikido Federation. As such, he is Britain's offical representative of the Aikido Hombu (the World Aikido Headquarters, Tokyo).

As well as conducting frequent courses throughout Great Britain and Europe, he teaches regularly at the Ryushinkan Dojos in London and Oxford.