B.A.F. Course Calendar

CAUTION: This list is possibly not complete! Also, things change sometimes at short notice. Please contact the B.A.F. office to confirm dates and times before travelling long distances.

All courses listed are believed correct as of 1st June 2008. All courses will be with Kanetsuka Sensei, except those marked Club Course, which will be with another senior instructor.

	Course Regional Course.
National Course (usually with visiting Sensei).
Special Course Special Course (i.e. One-off courses, BUAF courses etc).
Overseas Course Overseas Course (i.e. courses featuring Kanetsuka Sensei outside Britain).
Club Course Course organised by B.A.F. club with a senior B.A.F. instructor, not Kanetsuka Sensei. Please contact the organising Dojo for more information.